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Prostatic Massage 2021 – discover incredibly new sensations

Prostatic Massage, Masajul Prostatic

It was hard for me to control my enthusiasm for your coming. I always enjoyed your visits at least as much as you enjoyed my touches. I knew what kind of massage you wanted today, a Prostatic massage and I wondered if you wanted it to forget about problems and worries or if your adventurous spirit felt the need for a new experience.

Whatever the reason, I was here to satisfy your every need and help you discover new experiences and pleasures.

Many hours had already passed in the day and it was almost evening when you entered the door of this Prostatic massage salon. You had the same charismatic attitude, and you had both tiredness and enthusiasm in your eyes. I smiled at you and kissed you on the cheek, knowing how much you appreciate playful gestures

I took your hand and led you to the room where you were going to get a Prostatic massage.

As usual, the atmosphere was intimate, the light diffused, and the massage oils turned the air in the room into a real aphrodisiac. I talked and laughed a little while I helped you undress. You told me about your birthday and shared some of your thoughts with me, and I was happy to listen to you. There was not only an erotic and intimate atmosphere between us, but also an almost friendly, trusting one.

When your last item of clothing hit the floor, I whispered to you to lie on the bed. I covered your neck, shoulders, back and arms with oil and began to touch you slowly, gradually increasing the pressure. The Prostatic massage officially starts. I could hear your breathing getting calmer and calmer, and I could only rejoice.

First I massaged your neck, then down to your shoulders and continuing down to the base of your back. Once I reached the lowest point of my back, I turned back to my shoulders in a fluid, continuous motion, firm enough to feel the muscles in your back relaxing under my hands. After massaging your entire upper body, I sat on top of you, with my bottom at the base of my back and my face facing your feet.

As I bent down to massage your thighs and legs, I moved my ass at the same time. I heard you moaning softly and exclaiming “What an inventive move!” I answered by telling you that you should not expect less from me or from a Prostatic massage Bucharest. The more I had my hands on your body, the more relaxed I could feel you.

I begged you laughing not to fall asleep, because we still have a lot to do. After making sure that the lower part of your body had received as many touches as the upper part, I got off your back and whispered the question you were waiting for: “Do you want to come back?”.

You smiled and turned to face me. My gaze stopped at your erection, and your gaze at my breasts. Even though we didn’t tell each other, we both knew we felt the need to touch each other. It is not just a Prostatic massage. You were still looking at my breasts and I knew you wanted to touch them. I made sure it was okay and lifted your hands from the bed, placing them on my chest.

Your palms were warm and gentle. For the second time, I climbed on top of you, on your abdomen, so I could massage your chest, shoulders, and arms again. Your hands rested on my waist, your eyes on my breasts and face, while my hands touched your shoulders, chest, arms and hands, with movements sometimes circular, sometimes linear, careful, but at the same time with enough pressure as to make you relax.

You were happy that you chose Prostatic massage Bucharest.

As you looked at me more and more, the tension between us became more and more pronounced. Your breathing was getting faster and louder, and after I finished the relaxation massage, I knew it was time to bring you closer to orgasm. I got off you and positioned myself between your legs.

I spread my legs over your body so I could climb yours over mine. That’s how we could look at each other all the time. I began to touch you slowly on the penis, with light movements, from top to bottom, drawing with my finger every vein I could see.

You moaned and tensed, without taking your eyes off me. I covered your length with one hand, while with the other I alternately stimulated your head and testicles. My movements were still slow, because I wanted to accumulate as much tension as possible with this rhythm. I don’t want the Prostatic massage to end up so fast. I continued like this until you asked me to increase the pace.

Of course, I listened to your wish and began to increase the speed of my movements. I could hear you moaning more and more often and I knew that this was the moment when I was turning this massage into a really special one. I kept one hand on your penis, and the other I used to find your prostate.

After a few clever movements, I found in you that little ball of tissue that will make you feel in a few moments one of the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced. As soon as I started stimulating your prostate, I heard you moan again. I applied enough pressure, while stimulating it through circular movements, movements that mimic vibration and, in contrast, slow movements.

I used both hands, with one I stimulated your penis, and with the other my prostate and I felt the effect that the latter had. I don’t think I’ve ever touched a penis so erect and so sensitive. I can feel we are close to ending the Prostatic massage.

I could tell how close you were by the way you tensed and moaned. I started moving my hands faster and faster until you couldn’t resist the pressure and let go. I realized how intense your orgasm was when I saw how much and how hard you ejaculated. Most had landed on your abdomen, but some had landed on your chest, in bed, next to your body, and I could swear one of the pillows was splashed.

I think we were both amazed at what you just experienced, and I don’t think it will be the last time you visit this Prostatic massage salon.

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