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Full Experience of Prostatic Massage Bucharest


I wanted to smoke this cigarette on the swing in the yard. I love looking at the sky and smoking. I know it’s a little longer and you show up, so I want to relax, to be ready for this Prostatic Massage. I pull out the last puff of smoke and head for the building. I can’t take too many steps when I suddenly feel several cold drops on my back. I love the summer rains, but now I don’t feel it’s the right time to dance in the rain. I run to the room and I hurry go inside. When we meet for this Prostatic Erotic Massage, I want to be perfect. A few minutes in the rain was enough to wet my clothes and hair. As I look at my body bathed in drops of cold water, I hear the door open and I see you  in the mirror entering, ready for a Prostatic Massage Bucharest. 

You look at me from behind for a few seconds, then you come closer. You didn’t expect to find me like that. So sexy … The wide white T-shirt I’m wearing stuck to my body. My voluptuous shapes are embraced by the wet and fine material. My body already offers you the guarantee of an unforgettable Prostatic Massage. The shape of my tiny panties is easy to guess, the prominent buttocks standing out even more through the transparent layer that covers them. You put your hand on my hips and meet my breasts in the mirror. Reinforced nipples betray the feeling I feel when you touch me and speak to me in a whisper. I feel wet, but it’s not just the rain. You start walking your hands on me, enjoying the cool feeling that my clothes give you. I’m jealous. I want to touch you.

It is not fair that  only you to enjoy pleasure in this Prostatic Massage Bucharest.

I turn around and start tearing your clothes like a lioness. I quickly get rid of my shirt while you give up your pants. I feel like you want to see steam coming out of our hungry bodies, too. The fluffy rug is our best friend. I’m starting to kiss you from the neck down. My hot and wet lips are followed by a few wet hairs, giving you an amalgam of sensations in this Prostatic Massage. As I descend, I see your skin turning. You think about how far I will go. From time to time, you stop me to run your hands through my breasts, admiring my juicy pussy. A fine line left on you leaves me speechless. I want you.

Finally, I get to my favorite part. Your erect penis looks good, pulsing lightly with each touch. With my hands, I begin to draw circular shapes on your head, moistening it with oil. I look at you and you are transfigured by pleasure. I know I can give you more. Out of my eyes, you ask me to take you to the ninth heaven through this Prostatic Massage Bucharest, as only I know.

I turn you over and put you on all fours. I love to see you go goat, looking at your bulging ass. I put my middle finger in my mouth and start sucking it sensually. After a few seconds, I take it out so wet and warm. My well lubricated finger quickly meets your anus. I put it in slowly until I discover another dimension of your own. A firm and yet soft pearl is waiting to be caressed in this Prostatic Massage.

With a lot of tact, I start moving my finger up and down, left and right, until I hear you moan. With my left hand I hold your erect limb in my palm and rub it, squeezing it lightly from time to time at the base. Your wrinkled scrotum confesses to me that the great wave of pleasure is approaching. Within seconds, your whole body vibrates in spasms, releasing a long cry and a generous jet of cum. All you can tell me is that “it was damn good.”

The smile on my face shows you the satisfaction I have when I take you to the realms of deep orgasm in this Prostatic Massage Bucharest.

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