Sensual Erotic Massage Saloon – Bucharest Center

masaj tantric

Tantric Massage

An unique way of relaxation, a state of mind that brings self-awareness and not necessarily because it insists mainly on the intimate areas; with ambient music, to the scented candles and the diffused lights. discover more

Erotic massage with assisted shower, salon masaj erotic cu duș asistat, masaj erotic cu dus asistat

Erotic Massage with Assisted Shower

The sensuality of an erotic massage starts from the shower, when the delicate touches of the masseuse prepare you for a complete experience. We are waiting for you!
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Nuru Massage Saloon, Salon Masaj Nuru

Nuru Massage

A fine film separates you from the intense experience of complete physical contact with the velvety skin of a sexy masseuse ready to offer you a deep erotic experience. We are waiting for you!
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Whipped cream Erotic Massage, Whipped Cream Erotic Massage Saloon, Salon Masaj Erotic cu Frișcă

Whipped cream Erotic Massage

Erotic play and sensuality acquire new valences when there is a tube of whipped cream between the two of you. We are waiting for you in our Sensual Erotic Massage Saloon!
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Sensual Erotic Massage Saloon

           This is where eroticism takes on new values. Your preferences take you to a much deeper area of ​​feelings. That’s why, at our Sensual Erotic Massage Saloon, called Secret Massage, we have created a series of sensual massage services to cover as much as possible of your expectations. Whether it’s a specific relaxation technique or simply a much more exciting game, we have put together a series of options that we hope will satisfy you.

           We like to pay attention to details and this is where we want every moment spent with the masseuses at our Sensual Erotic Massage Saloon to be memorable. Don’t forget that we are always open to new ideas and if your tastes and preferences are not found in these sensual massage services, we are ready to listen to you and tell us what the eroticism that characterizes you means to you. We will do everything we can to please and satisfy you, of course keeping the limits imposed by the salon regulations.