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Couple massage & Erotic massage for couples

Couple massage, masaj erotic la cuplu

One of the greatest benefits when you accept the erotic fantasies that make up the shadows of the self is that it offers greater control over how you choose to express these desires. People have different hidden erotic fantasies that give birth to so many fantasies, and to fulfil them many come to a salon for erotic couple massage, either alone or accompanied by their partner.

Some time ago, I met a boy, whom we will name Radu, who used to attend couple massage parlour, Secret Massage, just to be watched when he is masturbating, an erotic fantasy that is not understood by many people, so let’s look at things in his perspective:

       “I chose to masturbate myself at the best erotic couple massage salon in Bucharest for simple reasons. I always liked to be admired and I always dreamed of being the center of attention. The feeling I have when I masturbate in front of the most beautiful masseuse at Secret Massage is indescribable. The fact that all her attention is focused on me arouses my emotions and helps me stimulate my body along with its erotic touches on my body. What happens makes me feel superior to everyone else and makes me proud of myself. I prefer masturbation, because I know my body best and being watched while doing it I reach a moment of ecstasy from which I will only emerge after the moment of ejaculation. Although I have a girlfriend, Alina, I am not shy with her, she knows my erotic fantasy, and even most of the time she accompanies me to the Secret Massage salon for an erotic massage for the couple. I particularly like to masturbate when the sensual hands of the most beautiful masseuse at Secret Massage touches my skin.”

       “I have known Radu for a long time and of course, I also know his erotic fantasies. I know she attends Secret Massage, and we often go together. Although, at first I didn’t understand his erotic fantasy, in time I managed to do it and even develop a passion for it. When we go together to  Secret Massage, I love to see him masturbating and even excite me the way he does. We always choose the erotic couple massage and I feel in the ninth heaven when I have the best erotic experiences and when I watch my boyfriend masturbating.”

Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage