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Premium Erotic Massage Salon – Premium Erotic Massage Bucharest

Premium Massage

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            I flinched when I saw him at the front desk. It was him. My loyal client we adore. He was a fine smoker and was the kind of man every girl would want to go out for a coffee with. And I was really lucky because I could get to know him in a much nicer way than that coffee. That’s because he was one of the quality clients who attended the Secret Massage salon. I know he promised me something special last time because he has to leave every time before the end of the hour. I was surprised when I heard that she chose Premium Massage. That was a challenge for me and I was ready to give her an experience she wouldn’t forget too soon.
            I found him in the relaxed room, fresh out of the shower, with beautifully moistened skin and still full of water, which made him look very sexy. He was watching me intensely because he knew what this Premium Massage was going to start with. A striptease that I really wanted to strengthen him very hard. I was moving lasciviously as I slowly lowered the dress from my shoulder and looked it in the eyes. I felt he liked what he saw. I felt explored and touched all over my body. And once his gaze went down I let my clothes drop from me. I already had strong nipples. I comforted them easily and he was attentive to my every move. My hands slid down and with them came my underwear. I could hear the breath that seemed to call me to reach him.
            But it was only the beginning of this Premium Massage. My favorite toy was next to me and I was ready to give her the most incendiary erotic show with the vibrator. I felt the vibration in me as I passionately caressed with desire. And the same intense desire I read in his eyes. But I didn’t want to give up so quickly. I wanted to let him wait as long as possible. That was the beauty of this Premium Massage. And now I knew why he had chosen this package. And he wanted us to tune in. I continued the show with the vibrator and got closer to him to feel how excited I was. I knew he was. I felt it. He pulled his towel aside and I saw him as excited as I had never seen him before. It was time to offer her the most erotic part of this Premium Massage service. Playing body to body between the two of us made me feel on my breasts the hardest penis I have ever felt. I was sliding down his well-defined body and I felt like I didn’t want to miss any part of him. Eroticism was in the air and I felt in his breath that there was not much longer.
            However, I wanted to torment him a lot and I didn’t want this Premium Massage session to end. His hands explored my body in a way I had never felt before, and when his penis reached between my breasts I felt a warm jet flood me and he was vibrating all over my body. I was watching him and I liked to feel that way. He held me in his arms and he didn’t want to leave even though the time had already passed. But that wasn’t the problem. Always the policy of the Secret Massage salon prefers a satisfied client. We found ourselves after a short shower and he was ready to leave. He confirmed what I was already feeling. That he had had the most enjoyable experience of Premium Massage and promised me that at the next visit he would surprise me with another erotic massage service offered by Secret Massage.

Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage