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Nuru Massage Salon – Bucharest Center

Nuru Massage Saloon

      I recently heard, from a friend of mine, about the nuru massage. By name I didn’t find it so fascinating, until I was offered some details that completely changed my mind about what the idea of nuru massage means. My friend recommended me “Secret Massage” Nuru Massage Saloon, one of the best salons of its kind in Bucharest.

      Once there, my attention was captured by a blonde with green eyes and a wide smile, which led me to the room; it was an elegant room with tasteful Japanese décor and dim light, perfect for nuru massage.

      After I undressed, the blonde, the most beautiful of the masseuses, applied a very slippery oil of seaweed to my whole body, and then she begins to anoint herself with that oil. I was looking at her nuru massage style. She was very attentive to her and the erotic way she touches her own skin. Her body was very beautiful, shaped like an hourglass, and her curved, slippery ass was attracting my full attention, which was distracted when the blonde spread her body over me and began to session me by sliding. Although I was already quite excited about this tantric experience, I hesitated to reach it for about 15 minutes, but when we started to tell. Thus, through the created energy, we managed to get closer, so that everything started to become easier. The gel on her fine, perfectly tanned skin was too tempting and, though my mind flew far, I dared to touch her as delicately as possible. Using tantric techniques, she slipped her hands over my thighs. When he returned to my back, he ran his hands around my breasts, then underneath them, then over his nipples. Everything was erotic and was the experience of a tantric style as I had never tried. Every touch and slide made me want more and more, though I knew it wasn’t possible.

      I felt so wet at the contact between our bodies, as I never thought I would. I have experienced several erotic techniques, but my friend was right. This tantric technique was totally special, everything was so sensual and erotic. He slowly opened my legs and rubbed my vagina. At that moment I thought I was dying. I would never have thought that I would be so excited by a woman who gives me tantric massage. The sensuality worked as if by magic, I was completely excited so I decided to finish myself; I had a lightning orgasm, so sensual, that rose above me like a strong wave. I was sweating all over and I do not know if I had the best orgasm so far or because the blonde had given me the best tantric I could have at an nuru massage salon in Bucharest. She had really conquered me and made me want her. After this wonderful experience I frequented only this Nuru Massage Saloon.

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Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage