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Erotic Massage with ICE CUBES Salon – Bucharest Center

         I see you a little confused in the corridor. It’s the first time you visit me, even though you smile at me like we’ve known each other for a lifetime. You send me a sense of security and that makes me relax. I pull on a silk robe and come to meet you. I take your hand and guide you to the place where today you will know a different seduction in this  Salon Erotic massage with ice cubes.

         I bring you to the  room and reserve a few minutes to admire you. You look flawless in your white shirt, elegantly finished with a black silk tie. You are every woman’s dream. I feel lucky that you chose me, you have charisma and I think we will live a unique experience in this Erotic massage with ice cubes salon.

         You lie on the bed and sit down lightly on your knees. I start to unbutton you, after the button, giving you a bold kiss on the chest. I reach below and I already feel your hardened penis through my pants, before we start this Erotic massage with ice cubes. Now I have your whole body bare just for me. I’m starting to massage you, to relax. You like it when I touch your tense shoulders, when I take the back of your neck and put pressure exactly where it should be. You smile mysteriously and ask me what other qualities I hide. You challenged me.

         I get out of bed and take off my robe. My huge breasts have caught your eye, but soon I see your eyes walking all over my body. I let you stare at me thirsty as I lean over to the mini-fridge and pull out a bowl of many ice cubes. My graceful movements mesmerise you during this Erotic massage with ice cubes. I come towards you as if floating and I throw myself into your strong arms.

         I let the ice cubes spread on the bed and bite my lips in ecstasy. I’m hot. We are hot. I warmed up the atmosphere and I promise I’ll cool it down too. I stand in front of you with my legs fully extended, like a compass, and start playing with an ice cube. Your eyes start to twinkle, so put your hands on the back of your neck and enjoy the spectacle offered by this Erotic massage with ice cubes. I run my ice cube over my nipples, then go lower and lower … to my pussy. I massage my clitoris slowly, then insert the ice crystal into my vagina. I start moaning with pleasure and my abdomen tenses to the maximum. I roll my eyes as the cube slides slightly out of me.

         You look at me in amazement and ask me to introduce you to my Ice erotic massage game. I approach you and lightly put the ice that explored my body into your mouth. You suck it with gusto, enjoying all my taste. I stretched my body over you and stared into your eyes. Our lips breathe the same air. With sensual movements I walk an ice cube on your lips until it has turned into a pearl. I play with him for a while and then I walk him on your chest, making his way through my breasts.

         We both moan with pleasure when the ice touches our hot bodies. I go downstairs and start guiding the ice cube on your skin, leaving behind wet evidence in this Erotic massage with ice cubes salon. I go down until I meet your bull’s penis, on which thick veins meander. The ice begins to melt more and more under the soft touch of my fingers on your limb. I tease you for a few more minutes, until ..seated by my touches, you give in to pleasures and ejaculate hard. I feel your hot cum seep through my breasts. We look at each other and it is enough to confirm that we have had the most intense orgasm so far.

Erotic Massage with ICE CUBES Saloon

Erotic massage with ice cubes salon, salon masaj erotic cu gheață
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