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Lingam Massage Spa – Lingam Erotic Massage Salon

        Today I set out to offer you a different erotic experience. I want to give you the opportunity to know your body, to understand and satisfy it through me. After this experience you will understand sexual experiences differently, you will be more open to new feelings. Every move of mine will show you a different dimension of your sexuality and you will become stronger and more determined than ever.

        I want you to have explosive moments with me, so I prepared every moment in detail for this Lingam Massage. This time I changed the rules of the prelude. I’m waiting for you with a tub full of hot water. As soon as you enter the room, I quickly undress you and kiss your fine chest as you enter the bathtub. I sit on top of you and start massaging you with coconut-scented shower oil. From time to time I gently bite your ear, whispering to you dirty little secrets. My palms go down lower and lower, touching your tense abdomen with emotion and pleasure.

        You live a paradox … you relax so fast under the power of my hugs, and yet every muscle in your body tenses when I touch you. You are ready for the next step. I will take you on the paths of the most sensual Lingam Massage session. You get up from the bathtub and look at me excited. With a precise movement, I unfold my towel knotted between my breasts and throw it on the carpet. You lift me up with your strong arm and sit me on the soft rug by the fireplace. Sit on top of me and breathe hard. You’re aroused and it emanates through every pore. I rise above you and spread your legs, bending your knees slightly. I think it’s time to start feeling intensively in this Lingam Massage Spa.

        I grab my hair back and approach the hottest spot between us. I lightly touch your testicles and a long, thick penis rises in all its grandeur. We look into each other’s eyes and read a mutual desire to feel the taste of an intense moment.

        You lift your head slightly and watch me bite my lips as I watch your brush slide between my fingers. I grab my hair and feel it gently squeeze me under my exciting touches until I resist. I notice that you have gained courage and start dictating your rules to me right in the Lingam Erotic Massage Saloon. You release my hair from the grip and I come back. Now you can explore with my eyes every particle of my ass enjoying my moans as I pamper your erect cock as I like. I begin to feel her clench in my hands as I gently run your hands over my toned buttocks. I feel a few palms over my ass offered with a sense of responsibility and smile slyly in the corner of my mouth. You start manifesting all your fantasies with me in this Lingam Massage Spa and I like it.

        I let you enjoy the moment for a while then I come back to finish what I started. Today you will meet Aphrodite through me. I want to whisper something in your ear, but you’re pushing me back. You don’t want me to talk, so I’ll take care of your limb as best I can. My hands are starting to run all over your cock. Extensive, tactful movements give you a pleasure hard to describe in words. During this session in this Lingam Massage Spa, you feel a strong wave of heat that you can’t resist. You want to take the reins but you are powerless. I like to know that you can’t fight back, that you are in my hands both literally and figuratively.

        I feel close and tense. You moan, you sigh, you breathe hard … and my feline noises in the heat bring you closer to ecstasy. A little later, I start to move my hands more and more energetically and suddenly a wave of semen erupts. Much, dense, in excess, begins to trickle over my hands to between your legs while I do not stop to pamper your pemns with delicate movements. This unique session in our Lingam Erotic Massage Saloon ended more interesting than I expected.

        You wink at me and we both start laughing relaxed. We are planning a new meeting and we promise ourselves another experience at least as intense.

Lingam Erotic Massage Saloon


Lingam Massage Spa

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