Hotel room erotic massage

Hotel room erotic massage with a pleasant surprise

It seemed like an ordinary day. I was at work and had fun with my colleagues, the most beautiful masseuses at Secret Massage. I heard that at the reception the phone rang for various appointments and at one point one of the discussions caught my attention. I immediately suspected it was a hotel room erotic massage. And my suspicion came to the pack with a surprise.

After analysing several pictures with the most beautiful masseuses, even from other massage parlours, the mysterious client chose me for a hotel room erotic massage. I was glad because I needed such an outcall massage service that was a good opportunity to escape.

I prepared my sexiest outfit and shortly I was on my way to the curious 5-star hotel to find out who this mysterious client was, who wanted this erotic massage in the hotel. There is always something interesting about these men who choose outcall massage services. They are the kind of mysterious, discrete and very refined men and this strengthens me every time. And here he is, in front of me when he opens the door with a wide smile.

He was exactly the kind of man in the above description. He looked very good. Of course, he waited for me with a glass of wine that we enjoyed together talking about various things. But all this has made me curious about him and to see how he will react when I offer him the best hotel room erotic massage he has attended so far.

I was convinced that he had a well-worked body when he gave up his bathrobe and lay down on the bed waiting to give him a relaxing massage as only I knew how to do it. I felt like I was loving the moment, but I was expecting to pass to the more interesting part of this erotic massage in your hotel room. More precisely the part o body to body massage. He turned his face up and I felt every bit of her abdomen touching my breasts.

I loved this feeling and I did not want him to have a happy ending so early. I wanted to torment him a lot and I knew that he liked that because of the way I felt his breath. This hotel room erotic massage. became even more interesting when his hard penis, between my breasts, simply exploded and my mysterious client was in ecstasy.

And his ecstasy was one of the longest I had ever seen before, which I could only enjoy because I offered him such a happy ending massage. I was getting out of the shower and preparing to leave accompanied by a pleasant discussion and the image of a fully satisfied man still lying on the bed unable to make any movement. It was the image I liked the most.

The image of my mysterious client who had enjoyed the best erotic massage in hotel room offered by Secret Massage, the best salon in Bucharest.