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VIP Massage

VIP Massage Parlour

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             It’s my birthday and I want to make it special. He said this while analysing the menu of erotic sensual services offered by Secret Massage, the top-rated VIP Massage Parlour. It was a new client. I hadn’t seen him before. He had just told us he was looking for a top salon in Bucharest and a friend had recommended that he come to us. Although I didn’t know anything about his tastes in erotic services, I was sure that to feel pampered at such an anniversary he would choose the VIP Massage service. What I didn’t know was what women’s tastes and preferences were. He was a man of two ages, elegant, charismatic and really looking good. I also understood that it tasted good for women. Of course that’s because he decided to choose me. I said this because I wanted to leave the modesty aside. However, any girl would have chosen her taste would have been just as good because at Secret Massage she discovered the most beautiful masseuses she could meet in the salons in Bucharest.
             Because this VIP Massage was supposed to be two girls I liked the inspiration to let me choose a colleague to team with. I knew from the first exchange of views that that colleague would be my good friend Anda. We’ve known each other for a long time. I had come in together and I recognised that although we were not both lesbians, there was a special attraction between us. We had the sexiest outfits and it was practically impossible for us to resist not to touch each other discreetly on the way to the room. We were just waiting for our most beautiful VIP Massage service to be celebrated. Andra’s body looked superb with the most beautiful breasts, a very well-shaped ass that continued with endless legs. It moved slowly offering the most sensual number of strips I had ever seen. Our feast was beginning to be in ecstasy and my number of striptease turned into an erotic lesbian show where I started to take off her lingerie so she could feel it all.
             This beginning of VIP Massage had taken from Andra the most erotic side of her and I felt her hands everywhere exploring me inch by inch. I felt how much I was caressing my breasts, how intense it was in my hands and how passionately it kissed my whole body. This VIP Massage had clearly become a gift for us and we realised this when we noticed that our celebration was very excited by the lesbian show we were offering. We approached him and settled in a 69 where we could give him the perfect image of an erotic show with the vibrator made between us two. The way Andra was playing with the vibrator in me was driving me crazy and I was just as excited. In this VIP Massage the play continued until we both reached a long and very intense orgasm.
             The pleasure was maximum and we were both ready to offer our holidays the most erotic VIP Massage ending with unimaginable techniques. His body had become our playground. Territory from which we both hoped to obtain as much as possible. Finally, we got a fully satisfied celebration of a prolonged orgasm that completely watered our bodies full of oil. And the confirmation that this VIP Massage with completion by massage techniques was a success came from our celebration that decided to have such a weekly anniversary at the best VIP Massage Parlour in Bucharest, Secret Massage.

Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage