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Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish Saloon – Bucharest Center

       You reached me while I was in the shower, so you started walking around my room, admiring my underwear carelessly left on the couch. I look at you intently from the other side of the room and see how you squeeze my newly worn panties between your fingers. You smell them and close your eyes, enjoying the moment. I start to walk noisily and you notice me here, ready for a perfect  Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish. You turn to me and I see the swelling in your pants growing more and more.

       I approach you and hug you tightly. You caress my buttocks carefully, trying to find out if my soft pussy is free, without any piece of material that could get in your way. I make sure you felt my nipples tightened by the satin robe and I detach myself from the embrace. I want you to come after me and show me that you want more from this  Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish Saloon. I think the small moment of approach warmed us both. I want to go to the window to get some air, but I grabbed it from behind and sat down in front of the huge mirror on the wall.

       We both look at ourselves in the mirror, enjoying the view we offer each other. Please undress me slowly, under your watchful eyes. The thin robe slipped from my fine skin in a second, revealing a goddess’s body. My appetising shapes make it harder and harder for you to breathe. Your face is getting serious and I know you want to dedicate yourself completely to this Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish. You sit behind me and start to shake my body hard. You run your hand over my breasts, going down lower and lower.

       You put your hand between my legs and lift me up slightly, like a rose petal. I turn to face you and start touching my fleshy lips with my fingers. You sit on the bed in front of the mirror and order me to kneel in front of you. I know exactly what you expect from this Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish, so I get on my knees in front of you and untie your slit from your pants. My hand grips your hardened penis and I start playing with it while massaging your scrotum with my long fingers. From time to time, I lower a finger to your anus, causing you intense pleasure. You grab my hair and guide me to feel your penis slipping on my hard breasts as you look at my fully spread legs in the mirror. At Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish Bucharest, I feel that I gain supernatural powers when I want to take care of your body.

       You stare at my juicy peach in the mirror, smiling slyly when you see that I am so aroused around you that a white spring trickles down my thighs. This Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish stimulates all your senses. You like to see me sensually move my body in the mirror so I get up on the bed. I climb on you like a raging cat and I take off your shirt. I turn my hair upside down and start rubbing my body lubricated by your tanned skin.

       You watch my little show in the mirror next to us and you get really excited. We feel like in a movie with sexy and uninhibited actors. You have the opportunity to analyse my every move in this Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish, enjoying the touch of my breasts, but also the view of my perfect ass in the mirror.

       The feeling that surrounds you when you notice me lasciviously moving my body in the mirror, makes you think of the hottest movie you watched. This drives you crazy when you realise that you are enjoying yourself, now, here, with the best performer.

       Our hot bodies begin to covet after the ultimate pleasure in the Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish Saloon. I touch my clit as I play with my breasts faster and faster over your pension, while your hands press my ass. Intense heat floods my body, feeling me bathe in the finest foam. We lived together this moment that made us float over the clouds for a few seconds.

Erotic Massage Mirror Fetish Saloon

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