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Erotic Massage Salon in Bucharest

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Full Erotic Massage

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1H / 1 girl / Many Happy-endings / 750 RON
1H / 2 girls / Many Happy-endings / 1400 RON

Couple massage, masaj erotic la cuplu

Couple Massage

The erotic bucharest massage doesn’t have to be a secret. Sharing happy ends with your date can get really exciting next to a well-versed lady who will combine your needs together, reaching the absolute pleasure for both of you. discover more
1H / 1 girl / 1 Happy-ending / 1500 RON
1H / 2 girls / 1 Happy-ending / 2500 RON

Erotic lounge

Erotic Lounge

Do you want to take over a place where it smells like champagne, havanas and women? It’s arranged and it’s all yours. Make yourself comfortable. discover more

erotic massage

Erotic massage is a term heard by many of you, but you do not know exactly what means. The vast majority of Romanians think of other things, but it is so. Today we will tell you a few things basic about what it means. Details that will answer many of the questions you have, and may not be in the future such a taboo subject as today.

First things first. So let’s define what it means and how it is done, what it involves and what the goals are. Erotic massage can be a set of movements that bring relaxation of the body. Of course this is of several kinds. The word “massage” comes from the French word “massage”, which means “friction, kneading”. This represents the fragmentation of the skin, muscles or skin. There are several erotic massage techniques, but we will not go into details today.

The main purpose is relaxation or therapeutic massage. This type of massage is used in most medical institutions specialized on this niche, in beauty salons, at home, or a specialized erotic massage salons, which we will tell you about today.

When you say erotic massage you indulge in a type of massage a little more special than the others. It also involves communication. Erotic massage involves the use of both hands and body to stimulate the tactile sense and especially to create unforgettable sensations. This type of massage has many benefits. Its effects “hit” both the health of the body and mind as well as their relaxation. Has benefits on stimulating blood flow. Because of this, your brain has become “happy,” and the person who is having such a massage, not only will be more relaxed, but will be much more energetic.

The history is very long. It starts from ancient times. Since ancient times, people have been showering your bodies with this type of massage. With the help of different plants, or different oils extracted from the plants, people offered you small moments of pleasure. If the massage has been around for so long and people are enjoying it without any retention, why can’t we enjoy a quality erotic massage at Secret Massage.

Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage