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Erotic massage with assisted shower – Bucharest Center

Erotic Massage with assisted shower

        An erotic massage with assisted shower is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. As I entered the Secret Massage salon, my eyes were fixed on a tall brunette who was looking at me with a bullet. She pauses in front of me, grabs my arm and asks me to accompany her. The brunette begins to undress, and as I remain stuck, I lose my thoughts;

        I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was as white as milk, and her breasts were gorgeous, with tiny pinks nipples. The sound of the water had disturbed the image created in my mind. I was ready for the assisted shower and then I followed the sensual massage. We were under the strong stream of water and the warm hands of the beautiful masseuse were studying every part of my body. He was walking his fingertips along my body, which excited me to the top. I feel full body, the direct touch of the masseuse is like fire on my skin.

        It was the most beautiful assisted shower. Soon I stopped this little touching game to go to the room where I was going to have an erotic massage. Her sensual comforts fill me with desire, make me dream, make thousands of movies in my head and with a gentle gesture lower her hand to the curvature of her ass.

        Although I know that nothing more is possible and it will be just an erotic massage, with her I can give free rein to the imagination. I was crazy about his light touches, the sublime way he was touching my penis and the fact that I didn’t want to take my hand from there. I felt like I was crumbling. I was in a moment of ecstasy from which I can hardly get out. I could only think about how it looks super good and how much I would like to be somewhere else right now.

        The assisted shower had been a bit cold but now I was boiling at the touch of my skin with her sensual hands performing different erotic massage techniques. At one last sensual touch I had an intense ejaculation that made me moan. I simply felt like I was reborn, I was at the height of joy. I had never felt so good after a erotic massage with assisted shower and I had never been so excited.

        This is why I chose to come to Secret Massage, the best erotic massage salon in Bucharest, because I have never felt so good and have not experienced such experiences.

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Secret Massage
Secret Massage
Secret Massage