Swedish erotic massage

Swedish Erotic Massage – unique experience tale of pleasure

It was a beautiful August afternoon and I was ready to for a Swedish Erotic Massage at Secret Massage. I was dressed in a very fine red silk robe with golden dragons sewn on it. I had several scented oils with me. The room was full of roses and orchids, and in the background, you could guess relaxing music.

Then the door rang. He entered. He had come for a Swedish Erotic Massage. He was a handsome, middle-aged man, dark brown; but what drew me to him the most was that he was not smiling. He was very serious. I thought I’d like him to smile for me. Maybe if I give him the best experience of his life he will smile at me! I sat down next to him and offered him some black tea with lemon and cinnamon. It took a while then he asked me to start. I removed his robe and discovered a male body that immediately attracted me.

His muscles were very well defined and his skin was fine and when I started touching him with my fingers on my back with almond oil, he started moaning slightly. He loves this Swedish Massage Salon. The background music was swirling in my head because I was already beginning to fall in love with that body next to me and the mystery of the man I was touching so intimately. I put my inhibitions aside and took everything out of me. I threw down my robe and my red lace lingerie.

I then took in my hands some vanilla body cream with which I anointed my generous breasts and then my whole body and then I rode on his gorgeous back of the Greek god, to start as a book. As I massaged his shoulders, I touched my breasts behind his back and gently bit his earlobe. He moaned louder and louder. I continued below. I massaged her hard, gorgeous, masculine buttocks. It was all extremely sweet and comforting! I had already fallen in love but I continued this Swedish Erotic Massage. I felt myself get wet and my breasts started to tighten.

I don’t know how long those moments lasted because I lost track of time in that ecstasy. He suddenly turned around and asked me to continue in another position. He turned on his back and I saw his tanned, manly chest, lined with soft hair. I looked down and then I saw the biggest erection of my life. I touched his manly chest with my long red nails and then kissed his nipples as he moaned louder and louder. I moaned as I felt all wet, and then I sat on it. I offered her this as best I could. This time my tanned thighs touched his well-toned abdomen.

I felt an inexpressible tension. He had the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen. I could feel myself reaching another world and I started moving my abdomen on his penis. We were both moving! In a wonderful tandem that excites every cell in my body. Again and again!!! Everything was sublime: the music, the scented candles in the room, our bodies touching in a perfect, ancestral rhythm. It was the culmination he had been waiting for since he entered this Swedish Erotic Massage Salon. I began to descend on his body and I could feel his cock, squeezing between my breasts.

He took me by the hand and started sucking my fingers as I walked my nipples over his hard cock. I felt his breathing become faster and faster and then I wrapped my penis between his breasts and continued to move more and more intensely. I felt that moment would come when he would ejaculate. At that moment he grabbed my hair and my gaze was fixed on his penis. A huge rain of perfumes and sensations followed. I closed my eyes, happy! I could feel his cock throwing strong jets between my breasts and I loved feeling his cock slide full of cum on my breasts.

I grabbed his cock with my hand and massaged it rhythmically as he continued to throw hot jets dripping down my hand. At the same time, his warm cum had begun to trickle down my breasts to my abdomen. And he trembled with the pleasure of this Swedish Erotic Massage. I continued to play with his cock for a few minutes while admiring how he enjoyed this moment. I couldn’t help myself and with my other hand, I lightly massaged my wet clit while looking at his wet cock.

It was that moment of maximum pleasure that you would never want to end again. My client was satisfied and satisfied and was about to leave. That’s not before he tells me he can’t wait to see us again for a new massage session.