Couple massage, masaj la cuplu

Massage together: couple massage is an ideal gift

Couple massage at an expert erotic massage salon

If you haven’t tried it, let’s discover an appropriate person for this experience rapidly, because it’s not worth missing out. Nevertheless, if you are having a massage in your home, it is best to do this wonderful, rejuvenating massage with your partner. It is an intimate massage that plays with the senses. Whether at home or at an erotic massage salon, a couple massage can be an extraordinary experience.

The recommended technique is less sensuous than giving it to each other, it does not need to be described. Normally Swedish or Japanese, or a mixture of both is used by masseuses throughout session program. Unless you particularly select a place where other special types of experiences are performed.

Nevertheless, if you were about to choose an erotic parlour with your partner, there would be several choices to select from. After selecting an intim parlour, in most cases, you also choose to have one or two masseuses for a memorable couple massage nightclub.  

If one masseuse is asked for this program to be interactive, she will teach you how to enjoy each other, revealing you treats that you can practice together.

If two masseuses are requested for the program, then relaxation will be more emphasised. You will be rubbed independently, obviously, in a close-contact space, next to your partner. It is less interactive, however, but more relaxing. And the shared experience will stay for a long time for both of you.

Couple massage can be the best gift for almost any event. Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Women’s Day, Anniversary. If you plan to make it in the house, you can quickly create a day spa atmosphere with a few little designs.

Put a perfectly rolled or folded towel on the bed where you will be rubbing. Light a few candle lights around the bed, naturally, securely positioned. Shut off the brilliant lights and switch on some soft music. And obviously, do not forget scented oils: utilise natural oils as much as possible. Coconut or almond oil are perfect for this function.

If you choose the salon version for a couple massage you will certainly not require these operations. The salons are filled with music, lights, fresh towels and aromatic oils.

Making the choice is your task. If you would like to purchase a couple nightlife session from SM, our salon, please contact us.