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Premium Massage Bucharest: An unforgettable hot experience

I expected this day to go like any other until I found out that you were going to visit me and it was not going to be a regular visit, but one that I had been waiting for a long time. This time you promised me we will try the Premium Massage. Even if I never recognised you, I was more eager for you to come than you thought.

You always stood out when you walked in the door with a confident look and a facial expression that showed how eager you were to touch me. It gave me such an indescribable pleasure to make you smile, to make you forget everything that was outside the room we were in and especially to bring you to orgasm through a Premium Massage.

I was making sure all the parts of the suit were arranged on my body when I was told you were waiting for me.

I had chosen a well-known costume in striptease and erotic dances – the one inspired by men’s costumes for this Premium Massage.

I was wearing a white shirt, under which was the black bra you loved so much, a black jacket and a hat that matched them. Downstairs, the suit continued with fine, black tights, up to the black thighs and garters and, of course, the heeled shoes, because I knew how attractive my feet were to you.

Today was really special; today, we were both the actors of an erotic show that we knew would become part of your dreams in the coming weeks and that will make you visit again and again this Premium Massage Salon.

Before I entered the room where you were waiting for me, I started the song on which the best striptease shows took place in the background: Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On. I heard you laughing and, to the beat of the music, I began to do exactly what the lyrics said. I began to uncover my shoulders as I pulled my jacket lower and lower, moving my hips to the beat of the music.

I can say that Premium Massage begins very well.

With a bold movement of each leg, I threw my shoes in one corner of the room and sat down on the chair with my legs open, slowly starting to unbutton my shirt. I could feel your gaze becoming more and more burning on my body and I loved to look at you with such desire; it made me look at you just as intensely.

After opening all the buttons, I reversed my position on the chair and turned my back on you, letting you watch the shirt fall easily, to the rhythm of the music, on me, revealing my shoulders in turn, my back, waist and bottom.

I looked over my shoulder as I moved my hips.

I reached for my back and, with one deft movement, took off my bra and threw it at you. You caught it with one hand in the air and smiled. You never thought a Premium Massage could be so exciting. I got up from my chair and strode sensually to the edge of the bed where you were sitting.

I took my hat off and put it on your head, making you smile again. I raised my right leg between your legs and lifted your hand from the bed, placing it first on your ankle, then climbing it higher and higher, towards the leg and up to the thigh, where the material of the tight ends.

I turned my back, rested my hands on your knees, and bent my hips so that my ass would caress the swelling of your pants, which was becoming more and more prominent. Search for Premium Massage Bucharest if you want to such an experience.

You moaned softly and put your hands on my hips, helping me rotate them. Before I walked away from you again, I took off your shirt, opened your belt, and tossed your pants, probably where my heels were. After the song was over, and you were completely naked, I sat back in my chair. But this time I had a vibrator in my hand.

I spread my legs and began to stroke me slowly, first with my hand. I looked at you and asked you to tell me when to use the vibrator. This is the second step of a Premium Massage. You didn’t make me wait long, you told me to start slowly, with movements along my lips, then to make circles around my clitoris.

I moaned slightly and put my head back. I could hear you starting to breathe as fast as I could. You ordered me to increase my speed and I listened to you.

This time, I looked you in the eye when I moaned and I could see the sudden movement of your penis.

I could only think about how fine and firm you would feel in my hands in the next few moments. My thighs were starting to shake and I was getting wetter and wetter. The whole area around the vibrator shone with the dampness of my thoughts and the vibrator in my hand.

I moaned more and more often, and your cock was getting louder. You were paying attention to the whole image in front of you, the trembling of my thighs, the erect nipples, my half-open mouth and the moans coming out of it. You told me this is the best Premium Massage Salon which you visited.

You told me for the last time to increase the speed and intensity of the vibrator even more and I arched my back, pushing my breasts towards you, and now you could hear how wet I was. When I couldn’t resist, I felt a sudden shiver all over my body, followed by a sudden strain of all my muscles.

I could see on your face how much you liked to look at me in these moments. When I finished, the moisture was getting close to my knees, probably in the chair, I was sitting on. We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments until I caught my breath.

I finally got up from my chair and came to you.

You looked at me like I wasn’t real, I smiled at you and assured you we weren’t ready yet to finish the Premium Massage. Although it was not easy for me to regain my strength so quickly, I did not neglect any part of your massage. Everything happened exactly as I knew you like, in the same order as always, with the same intensity that made you exhale quietly.

I massaged your back, neck and shoulders, legs and arms in turn.

I alternated the circular movements with the linear ones, I used a suitable pressure, being firm enough without causing you any discomfort. When I made you feel relaxed enough, I whispered to you that the moment we had both been waiting for had come. Then I could see again how excited you were in my presence.

I began to massage your chest, and your gaze did not leave my body – you looked at my breasts, the expression on my face, the lines of my shoulders and the way my hair fell on them. Everything that happens in this Premium Massage was incredible.

Even if you didn’t tell me, I knew you wanted to see my pussy more closely after the show you were just watching, so I put my knees on either side of your head and bent down to -he could massage your thighs better. I heard you moaning slightly as I bent down and started touching you.

At first, to tease you, I only massaged your thighs like the rest of your body, but then I started to outline the veins on your penis with my finger.

He was erect and looked glorious.

I was touching you so carefully and slowly on the head that I felt tingling in my navel. I continued to stimulate your head with light touches, and the other hand began to move up and down along your length. I touched you slowly, without haste, and I continued like this until I felt your thighs tense. You started moaning more and more often and I knew I had to pick up the pace.

I continued to use both hands simultaneously, the one on your length faster and faster, while the other alternately touched your head and testicles. I could tell you were close to orgasm by the way you breathed, fast and noisy.

I wasn’t wrong, after a few seconds, you told me to pick up the pace. I happily fulfilled your wish and began to move my hand faster and faster, remaining attentive and delicate at the same time.

I was starting to feel the pulse pulsing under my touch and it wasn’t long before I heard your last moan and watched your orgasm erupt. You sprayed your thighs and part of your abdomen, but my hands did not remain untouched by your orgasm. It was ecstasy in its true form, and we were both too lost in the moment to care about all the places where it landed.

I was looking at your face and I could see how relaxed you felt.

I knew you forgot everything outside the room, and I knew you would come back to me, look at me again in those poses that were the beginning of your journey to ecstasy at Premium Massage Bucharest.