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Mystery Erotic Massage Salon – CALL NOW – Mystery Erotic Massage Bucharest

        You will not see me today during this experience. Your heart has already trembled at this news. You want me too much to endure such torment. You want to look at me at any moment. But today would be different. And you will thank me very much for that.

        As soon as you enter the door, I catch you in my game specially prepared in the Mystery Erotic Massage Saloon. It’s already dark in the room, I want you to get used to the atmosphere and of course … not to see me. I know the questions that go through your mind will excite you. How do I look? Red port? Do I have underwear on? What you don’t know yet is that you will soon find out all these details … but otherwise.

        I will challenge all your senses and I will make you know another side of sexuality, of pleasure through the secrets of a Mystery Erotic Massage executed perfectly.

        I blindfold you with a strip of black silk that I wore around my neck. Now that my perfume has invaded your nostrils, I feel ready for the next step.

        I take your hand and guide you to the bed. I sit down first and spread my long legs on the mattress. With careful movements I help you get between my legs, rising slightly on the bed. You touch me with your back and guess: I don’t wear underwear and the thought of you made me get wet before you showed up at the Mystery Erotic Massage Saloon. I invite you to slowly lie on your back and your broad shoulder blades touch my large and hardened nipples. You can barely stop a whimper of pleasure. I run my hands under your strong arms and start stroking your chest, constantly kissing your neck. From time to time I bite your lobe and suck it slowly, breathing jerkily near your ear. I see your skin reacting and I’m glad that my gestures have the expected effect during this session, in our unique Mystery Erotic Massage Saloon.

        My naughty hands go down lower and lower until they hit an erect mountain. Boxers squeeze you, so I allow myself to slowly lower them, freeing your massive penis. I run my palm over my tongue and then moisten your warm head. Your legs tense and you see how your toes are stretched to the limit. I know I can get you to orgasm in a minute, but I want to postpone the moment for the end of this Mystery Erotic Massage. I want you to feel every movement, every finger I press on your testicles, then come back to vigorously rub your limb.

        I feel a trace of sweat trickle down your thick, veined throat and I realise you’re close. I gently lick your jaw and wrap my legs over your pelvis to feel every throbbing of your body. Breathe harder and harder and sigh for a long time. Your red, tense penis explodes enveloping us in a white rain. This Mystery Erotic Massage Bucharest took you by surprise.

        I pull out one last kiss and as if by a miracle, the orgasm passes from your body to mine and we live together in this moment that awakens all our senses to life. Exhausted with pleasure, we break away from the sinful embrace and allow you to look at me. I bite my lip of satisfaction and look at you with bright eyes. You tell me you want more. All I can tell you is that the night has just begun and that the surprises never end at Mystery Erotic Massage Bucharest.

Mystery Erotic Massage Saloon

Mystery Erotic Massage Bucharest

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Secret Massage
Secret Massage