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MY Erotic Wax Play Massage Salon – HOT & Erotic Wax Play Massage Bucharest

       That hot day has come again when you forget about yourself and let me remind you of who you are, to rediscover you. Today will be hot both literally and figuratively because I have prepared the most naughty scenario so far. We will challenge the outside temperature together and we will feel the pleasure of the thrills at maximum intensity during session of Erotic Wax Play Massage Bucharest. I took advantage of your little delay to punish you a little. It’s the perfect excuse to bring you into my world, to dedicate ourselves to a dirty game, but so enjoyable. You recently told me that I am guilty of your pleasure and that whatever you do, you think about what I would do … with your body in the Erotic Wax Play Massage Saloon.

       I put on my favourite black satin robe and I wait for you, cross-legged, with a glass of wine in front of the door. You enter in a hurry and I can read your ecstasy and curiosity. In a few words, I tell you to undress, while I look at you intently. Today you are receptive and you want to please me. You know me. You can feel my energy in your eyes and you know that you will not go unpunished because you let me wait for an erotic Bucharest wax play massage. When you manage to give up boxers, I catch a glimpse of your strong manhood.
The thick, arched penis cuts a sinful path to your sculpted abdomen. Instinct makes me jump on you and touch you everywhere, but my pride reminds me of the moment I prepared for you in this erotic wax play massage s
aloon. I sip the last sip of wine and with a short gesture push you onto the bed. You’re unarmed, you fall at my feet. I pull a pair of leather handcuffs from behind and tie your hands to the bed grille. You think it’s a joke, but then you see the twinkle in my eye and you realise that I like it. However, you begin to struggle vigorously beneath me as I wave lasciviously over your body, without you being able to touch me during in this erotic wax play massage salon. From time to time I approach the nipples of your mouth and let you lick them, even suck them … while I feel your penis tighten even harder between my legs.

Now that we have awakened your senses, it is time to take these feelings to another level. I turn to one side and take a red, musk-scented candle in my hands and start looking at her. The liquid wax around the fire gives me ideas. I stretch my neck on my back and slowly pour a few drops of wax on my round breasts from above. Red tears trickle down my clitoris, making me moan easily. You look at me fascinated and beg me to include you in my devilish game in this erotic wax play massage.
       I lick your neck long and then pour a little wax on your collarbone. You smile at me like an accomplice and urge me to continue. Wrap your abdomen in a red film, the wax nestling among the shapes left by your tense muscles.
       I notice that you are excited to the fullest and I want to go all the way, to take you to the heights of pleasure at the end of this erotic wax play massage.
I take your penis in my hand and after a few energetic movements, I let a few drops of wax drip down the length of the thick limb.
A wave of heat envelops us both and soon I feel my body full of your warm and velvety milk. We felt together with the intensity of this moment … hoping not to remain the only memory of this erotic wax play massage Bucharest

Erotic Wax Play Massage Saloon

Erotic Wax Play Massage Bucharest

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