We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage

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A few days ago  my favorite client called at Secret Massage and said he would like to do an outcall massage at the hotel where he was staying. He used to call me at the hotel whenever he was traveling through Bucharest. This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had chosen a massage service he had not chosen before. It was a We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage. I went to the 5 star hotel where he was staying and after a hot shower I was more eager for fun than I have ever been. I undressed in front of him, that made him more excited. And I was expecting the game to start from time to time. His gaze was on me, he was studying my whole body  and his smile would make me imagine what was to come. I inserted my vibrator in me, sat comfortably on the bed and watched him take the remote control from the vibrator. The hour of We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage is beginning.

The fact that I didn’t know what intentions he had  and that he controlled the vibrations with the help of the remote control were the details that excited me the most. He had complete control over me, which I really liked. My groans of pleasure echoed throughout the room, and my hands stroked my whole body. This We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage made me run my fingertips all over my body, after which one of my hands stopped in the area of  the vagina and with the other I massaged my breasts. I was more excited than ever. The most interesting part was that the We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage was just beginning.

I felt so addicted that I put two fingers in my mouth. I was crossing my tongue over them and admiring Mike’s body. I was looking forward to this We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage moving on to the next stage. I wanted to touch him, feel his skin and drive him crazy with my touch. I was watching him and I was very excited and he wanted to cause me a strong orgasm. The vibrations were getting more intense and I was beginning to moan more and more. I felt that I could not keep my eyes open, I saw many stars and my back was arched and that is because I really had a strong orgasm.

Now it was my turn to play. Because this We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage continues.

 I was trembling from the orgasm I had when I turned to him. I was ready to give him the best erotic massage he has ever received. Every time I touched him I felt his breath and I could read in his eyes the strong desire to have me. I really liked touching his body that looked sculpted. He looked so good and even made me want him. Every erotic touch made him mad. He was very excited and began to moan. From time to time he closed his eyes  and let himself be carried away by her imagination.

I felt like he wanted me to be part of his movie. And this We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage was the best movie. He had an ejaculation that made me proud. I could see the happiness on his face.

I liked the fact that my hand was full of sperm and I felt it stretch on my arm. It was very hot, just like his body. For me it was a session of We Vibe Hotel Outcall Massage that I will not forget too soon. Also a package that can only be found in the erotic massage services offered by the Secret Massage salon in Bucharest.

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