Outcall Erotic Massage:

Hotel VIP Massage

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              For my birthday I want to come to Bucharest and make it wide. That’s what the message from the phone called when he called Secret Massage and said he wanted a Hotel VIP Massage. It was a choice made after the receptionist had listed a longer list of outcall erotic massage services. He was a client I had never seen before. He had only said that he was looking for a top salon in Bucharest and a friend had recommended him to come to us. Even though I didn’t know anything about his tastes in erotic services, I was sure that the Hotel VIP Massage package was the perfect choice to feel pampered on the occasion of such an anniversary.

              My unknown sea was related to his preferences for women. That’s because in the phone conversation he chose me just because he liked my name. And here I was in the hotel room face to face with a middle-aged man, elegant, charismatic and who really looked great. I also realized that he had good tastes for women. Of course that’s because he decided to choose me by name only. I said that because I wanted to put modesty aside. Surely, however, any girl would have chosen, his tastes in women would have remained just as good because at Secret Massage are the most beautiful masseuses he could meet in salons in Bucharest. The Hotel VIP Massage service means that we are two girls and his choice was a surprising one. He let me choose with which girl I want to visit him.

              Without a second’s thought, I chose Anda as my partner, a good friend I had known for a long time and with whom I had entered into outcall erotic massage many times. We had the sexiest outfits and we couldn’t wait to offer our celebrant the most beautiful Hotel VIP Massage. I take off her underwear so she can feel it all over. Anda’s body looked gorgeous with her most beautiful breasts, a very well-contoured bottom that continued with endless legs. She moved slowly offering the most sensual number of strips I had ever seen. It was just the beginning of this Hotel VIP Massage and Anda show us  the most erotic side of her. I could feel her hands exploring me inch by inch. She touched me lustfully and I could feel her grabbing my buttocks in her hands and kissing me passionately all over my body.

              This Hotel VIP Massage was clear and a gift for us. We felt really good, we were shaking our heads like we never thought we would. She also liked our celebration, which was very excited about the lesbian show we were offering. We decided to get as close as possible to him and we sat down in a 69. In this way we could give him the perfect image of an erotic show with the vibrator made between the two of us. The way Anda played with the vibrator inside me drove me crazy and I felt just as excited. This Hotel VIP Massage continued with a lot of play between  us until the moment when we got to have a long and very intense orgasm at the same time.

               The pleasure was maximum and we were both ready to offer our client what is most pleasant about this Hotel VIP Massage. Namely, the most sensual and erotic outcall erotic massage with happy ending through massage techniques. His body belonged to us and was our playground. Territory from which we both hope to get as much as possible. In the end we got a client fully satisfied by a prolonged orgasm that completely watered our bodies full of oil. This Hotel VIP Massage was a successful thing confirmed by our celebrant who decided to have such a weekly anniversary with the best outcall massage services offered by Secret Massage.

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