Hotel Gold Massage

Hotel Visit Massage

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            It was a moment I had planned some time ago. And I’ve been waiting for it for a while. I had thought many times what it would be like to go into a hotel visit massage with one of the most beautiful masseuses at Secret Massage. The customers were fascinated by her and even the girls liked her. Or at least me. And I admit that I really liked my colleague Diana. I was a little more attracted to her and often thought about what her movements looked like when she was in action. I made a small plot with my loyal client who opted for the outcall massage services offered by Secret Massage whenever he arrived in Bucharest. I had told him about my erotic show fantasy with another girl and he chose to call me and Diana to give him a Hotel Gold Massage. Just the idea of getting naked in the same room with the most beautiful masseuse excited me and the fact that she didn’t know there was a small plot in the middle was even more exciting. And so was he. My loyal client with whom I had such great pleasure in getting into the massage because, in addition to being very intelligent and friendly, he also looked very good.

            My dear loyal client had the idea to choose a Hotel Gold Massage precisely because it started with a striptease. It was the best time to see what secrets my colleague Diana hides. We were both in front of him and moving lasciviously. We exchanged glances and waved in the most sensual way we could slowly get rid of our clothes. He was delighted with what he saw. He surprised me when, with a discreet sign, he called me into his arms to admire Diana together. He was becoming more and more interested in the way this Hotel Gold Massage was going on at the Hotel. We both admired Diana who was determined to excite us with the most sensual striptease. She had a special way of moving and a very discreet way in which she invited us to admire her perfect breasts. She felt like we liked what we saw and stroked her breasts, inviting us as to do it. And I knew I would do it in this Hotel Gold Massage.

            Then she showed us her perfect ass, which I had noticed every time we happened to be on the same shift at Secret Massage. Her perfectly drawn figure in the warm light of the hotel room waved in the most exciting way. It was exciting to watch her and I felt just as excited as my dear client holding me. It was time to move on to the next stage of this hotel visit massage, named Hotel Gold Massage. I could see that Diana was waiting for me, and I got up from his arms. Diana greeted me with a kiss I felt from my neck to my lips as her hands explored my whole body. I didn’t think that this Hotel Gold Massage would make me discover that Diana had an attraction for me too. I liked it more and more. Exploring our bodies with the hands quickly turned into an exploration of bodies through kisses.

            My dear client was extremely excited. It was like we had forgotten about him during this erotic show that I enjoyed with Diana. But she signalled to me that it was the time to give him all the best of this hotel visit massage. We were both on him and continued to kiss while we stroked her perfectly worked body. We were both with our hand on his cock and I could feel how excited he was. We understood from the look that we wanted to torment him very much. So our erotic play continued to give him the most beautiful Hotel Gold Massage. I could feel his hands exploring my buttocks intensely until he squeezed my ass hard. Diana looked at me satisfied because she felt the same. My dear client was out of breath and experiencing an intense orgasm. This was the culmination of this hotel visit massage.

            I had made the perfect choice to discover that one of the most beautiful masseuses at Secret Massage had an attraction for me. It was also a very nice gift from my dear client. Diana never knew about our little plot. But that did not stop my dear client from choosing us to offer him the erotic Hotel Gold Massage package from the Secret Massage every time he visits Bucharest.

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