Private Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage in Bucharest

Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage

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               There are always new things you can try when it comes to fantasies. What would make an experience like that much different? Well, I was going to find out without realising one day when Alex, one of the loyal customers of the salon chose me but also an erotic massage service that I had not tried before, namely Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage. The most beautiful part was that the action was going to take place at the hotel and the intimacy offered by such places excites me. I was surprised by his choice because he usually came to the Secret Massage erotic massage parlour. Until this moment he was decided to try something new for me. I had many ideas about how I could dress. I thought I would be a spoiled and sexy cat, or an innocent but utterly perverse student.

               But again he managed to surprise me. He informed the receptionist that he leaves to my choice how I will introduce myself to him. I knew from the first. For a man dressed as he was every single time, a single Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage could be the perfect choice: the sexy secretary. I had the perfect outfit and I was ready to tease him as I had never done before. I wanted to be remembered for all the facts when he avoided me. I really liked him because he was a nice guy and had charisma. His eyes widened when the door to the hotel room suddenly opened and I walked in. I had the perfect outfit to fulfil his fantasy of Role Play massage at the Hotel. That’s because he was dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a slim black tie. He looked impeccable.

               I grabbed him by the tie, pulled him behind me and laid him on the edge of the bed. I was going to be a bad secretary and a maximum of pervert. His gaze was fixed on my ass and I was moving so that his gaze did not leave there. I am very excited about the feeling offered by this Role Play massage at the Hotel. I turned to him and now I was looking into his eyes. At every step I took, I unzipped a button from my shirt. His gaze excited me greatly. I got to his feet and he could see my bare breasts.

               I could feel his hands on his thighs and as they went up with his skirt. And I started to slide down on him and I already felt him in his pants that he was very excited. His hands were now gently stroking my breasts. I loved this Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage massage at the Hotel and I was just waiting for the best erotic massage. I had my eyes fixed on his eyes while I unfolded his buttons from his shirt and by the time he was about to blink I was already with a hand in his pants. I could feel it sliding with my breasts over his body and the sensation was wonderful. I longed to have a massage with him and to feel him excited next to me.

               I could feel his hands as they walked through my hair and his penis slid between my breasts and the sensation I had was unique. I was no longer in a Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage. I felt exactly like a perverted secretary and he was way too excited about my boobs walking over his penis. His intense gaze made me bite my lips when I felt he couldn’t stand it and let go. He was breathing hard and was satisfied. At that moment I knew that the secretary had done the best erotic massage with Hotel Role Play Erotic Massage. I returned to Alex after a short shower. The man in the flawless black suit was now gone. I liked that in his eyes I could read satisfaction. He also knew that choosing such an Role Play erotic massage service at the Hotel is something special. I did not say goodbye and whispered that every time he comes to Bucharest he will choose new erotic massage services offered by Secret Massage.

Secret Massage
Secret Massage
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