Full Hotel Erotic Massage - Full Erotic Hotel Massage

                  I have been waiting for him for long time and here is the day when he arrived in Bucharest, my best friend, Mihai. I knew him to be a big fan of such services even before I started working at the Secret Massage salon, and I was waiting for the day when he would come in town to meet him. And after a phone conversation with the receptionist we found out that he decided to see me in a much more intimate place, which is why he chose a Full Erotic Hotel Massage. I was super excited about his idea and I don’t even know when I arrived in front of the door of his room, giving him a strong hug, then I took him by hand and led him to the huge bed.
                  I wanted to take it slowly and for the first time I introduced him to that atmosphere, giving him a relaxing massage to relax each muscle in particular and to prepare him for the best Full Hotel Erotic Massage. Then followed the most interesting part. He was with his hands under his head and closed his eyes while I oiled my breasts and my abdomen, looking forward to continue. I began to massage every part of his body, but I focused in particular on his penis that I had known for some time. I liked to touch his penis, to run my fingers over him and to show him what a Full Hotel Erotic Massage meant for me.
                  We both were full of oil and I was ready for the contact between our hot bodies. I clutched my breasts to his well-worked chest and began to slide on his body. I could read in his eyes the strong desire he had although he was aware that it was not possible to do more. My nipples were strengthened, which caused me to touch them in a subtle way. The touches I do in a Full Hotel Erotic Massage drove him crazy. I’m just excited about the idea of giving him such sensations. I knew exactly what he liked and I knew how to make him happy. I touched his penis and he had a strong erection. I heard him moan and breathe lightly, as if he had escaped the utmost care. After a visit to the shower we both prepared for the next part of this Full Hotel Erotic Massage.
                  I left him without the towel covering him and gently pushed him onto the bed. Now I felt him very relaxed but also excited. I anointed it again with oil, this time I chose another aroma and then I joined. I wanted everything to go smoothly. He was watching me very carefully when I was touching my body, when I was caressing my breasts and buttocks and studying as if it was the first time he had seen me. However, it was the first time I was offering a Full Erotic Hotel Massage.
                  I was beginning to slip on him and I noticed his subtle grin. I knew it was just pleasure. He stared into my eyes and lost his imagination and a hand slid down my thigh. I knew he wanted me. When I touched his penis with my long fingers I felt him tremble and I saw his legs tight. I made him have another ejaculation that seemed to release him from everything. I felt very relaxed but at the same time exhausted after this Full Erotic Hotel Massage.
                  After this experience, Mihai continued to use the erotic massage outcall services offered by Secret Massage and approved that it is the best massage salon in Bucharest.

Full Hotel Erotic Massage

Full Erotic Hotel Massage

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